In our workshops we hope to teach and equip you to minister mercifully both inside and outside the church body. Learn more about each workshop and presenter below. We'll be adding more workshops to this page over the coming weeks so check back. After the conference as audio becomes available from the workshops it will be made available here.

Dr. Gary Ogrosky
Director: MNA SecondCareer

A Ministry Matchmaker

No matter what your age, if you have a desire to volunteer in mercy ministry, come and learn about the wide variety of PCA opportunities available where you can use your God given talents. Explore with us either short or long term opportunities many of which can be performed right from your own home. If you are PCA ministry leader looking for help, this workshop also may provide a valuable resource to access skilled help for your ministry.

MNA SecondCareer purpose is to match PCA adult volunteers of all ages who are looking for a place to serve in ministry, to opportunities where they can assist PCA church planters, churches and other PCA ministries. Many of our Opportunities to Serve can be done right from the volunteer's home with no need to travel. Our MNA SecondCareer RV Outreach also provides a way for PCA RVers to use their RVs in mission work across the continent. Because this is a free service provided through MNA it is an extremely cost effective way to promote and serve our PCA mercy ministries.
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Chris Sicks
Pastor of Mercy: Alexandria Presbyterian Church, VA

What Should Deacons Do?

Many deacon boards focus on two things: building & budget. And why not? They need to be done, and men are good at those things. Yet, as we read the New Testament, we find that God is primarily focused on the character and spiritual gifting of those he calls to be deacons not on their ability to use Quickbooks or swing a hammer. And our Book of Church Order emphasizes service to the needy as the work of deacons, with administrative service taking second place. Join us to learn more about how deacons can lead the mercy ministry efforts in your church, why that's a good idea, and how you can make sure the building & budget aren't neglected in the process.

Chris Sicks serves as Pastor of Mercy at Alexandria Presbyterian Church (APC). He leads and trains the deacons and Mercy Committee as they show mercy to the hurting within the congregation and the community. Previously, Chris was a deacon and Director of Mercy Ministry at APC. He has also worked at a homeless shelter and drug recovery program in DC, and served as executive director of a mentoring and scholarship program for DC children. He is the author of Tangible: Making God Known through Deeds of Mercy and Words of Truth from NavPress.
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Pat Hatch
Director: MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry

Impacting the World Through Local Ministry to Refugees & Immigrants

God has always used the movement of peoples for His own purposes. What opportunities might He have brought to your community in the person of your refugee or immigrant neighbor? And how might welcoming them benefit you, your church, and foreign missions? This workshop will answer those questions and share a variety of ways other PCA churches are responding.

MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry informs, equips and encourages PCA congregations as they explore and engage in ministry to refugees and other immigrants.
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Mark Casson
Director: Metanoia Prison Ministries

Remembering the Prisoner

This workshop will give attendees theological and practical ways they can fulfill the biblical mandate to "Remember the prisoner as though chained with them" Hebrews 13:3. (This workshop will also include introduction to local prison/jail ministry of Mike Dumas.)

Metanoia Prison Ministries seeks to engage, educate and equip the church for the discipleship, mentoring and reintegration of Christian prisoners.
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Randy Nabors
Senior Staff Coordinator Urban & Mercy Ministries: MNA Urban & Mercy Ministries

Q&A With Randy Nabors

The purpose of MNA Urban & Mercy Ministries is to encourage and equip PCA churches and members to become involved in a growing way with ministries to people who not only need the Gospel but who face circumstances of tangible need or difficulty. While these needs exist everywhere, they are often more prevalent in the concentrated populations of the cities. These concentrations of population offer great opportunity for ministry because city programs can address the needs of many people in close proximity.

Randy is Senior Staff Coordinator of Urban and Mercy Ministries for Mission to North America of the PCA. He is also the Coordinator of the New City Network and the Pastor Emeritus of New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, a congregation that began as an inner-city Sunday school dating back to the late sixties. Randy was the organizing pastor in 1976 and the congregation continues its commitment to its vision of being centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and living out the call of the Gospel in racial reconciliation, ministry to the poor, and commitment to the city. Randy and Joan now work to develop and plant a coalition of urban, mercy-focused congregations called the New City Network. Joan and Randy are blessed with four children and several grandchildren.
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Gene Johnson
Director of Mercy: New City Fellowship (PCA), Chattanooga, TN

Dealing with Cold Calls and Con Artists

How do you know who to help and how to help them? Have you ever felt guilty when saying "no" to someone who asks for help? Setting safe boundaries is a priority for those of us who work in mercy and diaconal ministry. If we want to serve wisely, we must learn to understand and respect the limits of what we should and should not do. As we learn to work smarter and more effectively, that means being realistic and having common sense. In other words, "Don't work harder than the people asking for help."

Gene Johnson has been a Deacon and Director of Mercy at New City Fellowship since the 1990's. New City is a cross-cultural church, ministering to black and white, rich and poor, young and old, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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Cheryl Crocker
Medical Missionary: MTW

Merciful Medical Missions

At the start of Matthew 9:35-38, we see Jesus healing people, and just a few short verses later we read His plea to pray for the Lord to send out laborers for the harvest. Come learn how Jesus' ministry of healing is still at work today in medical missions throughout the world, how this encourages and shapes the church, and the great need for laborers in this unique ministry. Jesus healed people and changed their lives. God continues to change hearts through medical missions. Those who go and give -- and those who receive and respond.

Cheryl Crocker is a nurse and has ministered as a Global Medical Missionary with MTW since 2000. At the invitation of MTW missionaries and national church leaders, Cheryl recruits, prepares and leads medical teams to assist in foreign church-planting efforts through compassionate care, prayer and evangelism. As Christ demonstrated His concern for physical as well as spiritual healing in Matt. 9:35-37 MTW medical teams pray to have His eyes of compassion for those who are "harassed and helpless" because they are without the Shepherd.
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Kenny Foster
Executive Director: Grace for Dover

Mono-ethnic, Multi-ethnic and the Mission of Being Merciful

"I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date!" These are the words of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. But they could also be the words of a church that is too often late in giving a gospel-centered response to the shifts in the culture and times. Our culture is rapidly becoming a minority- majority culture. And those who bear the good news of the gospel cannot afford to be late in bringing a gospel-centered, grace-oriented, redemptive demonstration of Christ's power to heal ethnic divides. One PCA church in Dover, Delaware has been preemptively pursuing this vision for a number of years. This workshop will lead you on a walk down the path that moves from mono-ethnic to multi-ethnic while engaging in redemptive mercy ministry.

Kenny Foster is a husband, father, and pastor currently serving at Grace Church (PCA) in Dover, DE. Kenny serves as an Associate Pastor with a focus on Community Outreach. He also serves as the Executive Director of a non-profit, Christian community development organization named Grace For Dover.

Dave Perrin
Director of Ministries: Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Lexington Park, MD

WorkLife - Helping your Neighbors Find Employment and Jesus

WorkLife is a curriculum that provides training to move people from "Welfare to Work." Attend this interactive workshop to learn how one site in Southern MD has established a Job Training Internship program and is striving to answer these questions: How do you recruit allies and participants? How do you match allies to participants? What do you do when classes are over? How do you overcome the many obstacles, such as lack of childcare, transportation, and clean police records? And how do you keep track of everything going on between allies, participants, job sites, multiple churches, and other supporting organizations?

Dave Perrin's career path has not been normal - first flying jets in the Marine Corps, then designing computer systems for Northrop Grumman. God then called Dave to full time ministry at Cornerstone (PCA) years ago as director over all ministry teams. But a large part of Dave's tasking was to further develop Cornerstone's Mercy Ministry. This has resulted in many new and deepening partnerships in the community. Dave is married to Tracie, they have 6 kids (3 adopted and 3 biological).
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Joe Magri
Pastor of Mercy: Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA

Who are You? Mapping Vocation and Mercy Outreach

God has blessed church members with spiritual gifts and talents. Utilizing them strategically can bring greater depth and expertise to the work. It also increases "ownership" of the work and enthusiasm among the volunteers who are being asked to employ talents they already have rather than slog through work for which they are ill-equipped. The workshop will highlight Trinity Presbyterian's experience including: Jobs for Life (now WorkLife), Faith & Finances, and a Certified Nurses Aide training program aimed at refugees. Topics covered: 1. Determining who you are: Exploring the makeup of your congregation and determining what the prevailing talents are and how they can be used to serve and bless your community. 2. Focusing ministry efforts: Teaching your mercy ministry workers and the church why it is important to focus on just a few areas for long-term ministry and impact. 3. Evaluating opportunities: The emphasis here is on work or works that are relational and draw more people of the church into the work of mercy. This is challenging, messy, and even fearful for some, but also stretches and builds faith as one becomes more dependent on the Lord. 4. Funding Mercy ministry: This highlights the importance of mercy ministry as apologetic in our time and challenges churches to prioritize the work. 5. Partnering with other organizations: Considerations, benefits, rationale.

Joe has been a member of Trinity since 1991, served as a deacon for 14 years, and is now a teaching elder. He and his wife, Karen, have two daughters, a foster daughter, and five grandchildren. Though he lived in Atlanta, GA, and Naples, FL, before coming to Charlottesville, Joe still considers Cleveland, OH, his hometown.
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Dave Perrin
Director of Ministries: Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Lexington Park, MD

Church Partnerships with Social Service Agencies

State governments have entire departments of employees that serve the poor and needy in our communities every day. They know the situation. They have vast experience and years of training. They are great resources in our community. But has the "separation of church and state" made them OFF LIMITS to churches? Is there any way that churches and the Department of Social Services can work together-and even be partners of redemption? Come hear how God connected a few key community leaders in St. Mary's County, MD, and created a partnership between DSS and churches that is redeeming the community.

Dave Perrin's career path has not been normal - first flying jets in the Marine Corps, then designing computer systems for Northrop Grumman. God then called Dave to full time ministry at Cornerstone (PCA) years ago as director over all ministry teams. But a large part of Dave's tasking was to further develop Cornerstone's Mercy Ministry. This has resulted in many new and deepening partnerships in the community. Dave is married to Tracie, they have 6 kids (3 adopted and 3 biological).
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Remargo Yancie
Pastor of Community Life: Grace Meridian Hill, Washington, DC

The Emerging Mind: The Changes and Challenges of Adolescence

Through intense transformation, teenagers grow to become more creative and courageous. Their bold risk-taking activities are impressive and unnerving to most caregivers and supporters. Whatever beliefs there are about adolescence, these are often challenging, surprising and confusing years for adolescents and those in care of them. We will look at the essence of this perplexing and amazing time of life. We'll also assess the influencers impacting adolescents and how they can fuel and/or hinder their natural process of developing. Overall, we hope to bring a fresh perspective on what God intends for these years and how to involve ourselves as vital supporters in the life of today's youth.

Yancie believes in fostering relationships, and he seeks to create new relationship avenues. This privilege has been evident in his friendships and through his work as a psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. He also serves as the Pastor of Community Life at Grace Meridian Hill in Washington D.C. Among other things, Yancie enjoys celebrating life with those in his community especially with his wife Kristal and their three children.
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Barbara Jones
Ministry Coach: MTW

Personal Encounters With the King

What happens when our lives intersect with the King? Christ often engaged people in a way that challenged existing cultural norms. In doing so, He changed the definition and expression of mercy and unity. He opened up new possibilities for how the unique gifts of men and women might fit into His diverse kingdom plan. Plus, He created tensions that either drew us or pushed us away, all for His glory. Let's examine how Christ might be speaking to us about mercy and unity in today's cultural context. Come encounter King Jesus in His word and through testimonies --and uncover how He is desiring to personally challenge or encourage us on this journey?

Barbara D. Jones currently leads efforts towards diversity at Mission to the World (MTW). After serving four years with Campus Crusade's Here's Life Inner City ministry, the Lord then challenged her to broaden her thinking about the importance of both local and global missions by calling her to serve with MTW and World Relief, a refugee resettlement agency. Over the past twenty-four years Barbara has led mission teams around the world. She is married to Ernest T. Jones and is mother to adult twin sons (Sebastian and Julian).
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Reda Narouz
Founder: The Salaam Center, Baltimore

Sharing the Gospel With Muslims

Workshop Outline: 1. Campus Crusade in Jordan 2. Training and Methodology 3. Opening the Salaam Center 4. Adapting Jordanian Methodology to the U.S. ission Field 5. Building Community and Relationships 6. Successes and Failures 7. Vision for the Future

Reda Narouz was raised in an Orthodox Coptic Christian home in Egypt, who served with Campus Crusade in Jordan for 22 years. He and his wife opened the Salaam Center in Baltimore in 2016--on the principle that one must live among the people one desires to serve. Refugees from the wars in Iraq and Syria are pouring into the area with little to no cultural support. The Center focuses on four key areas: ESL; translating and interpreting; finding housing and jobs; and running sports and music programs for kids. God has asked us to share the Gospel with our neighbors!
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Rev. Curt Moore
Director: MNA ShortTerm Missions

Discipleship and Transformation Through ShortTerm Missions

Many people can trace their initial desire to participate in acts of mercy through participation in short term missions. In this workshop Curt Moore, the MNA ShortTerm Missions Specialist will discuss the various opportunities to serve throughout the United States and Canada. Hear about what God is doing through two of our MNA partnerships, Mike Bunce of Common Ground Montgomery and Andy Pfeiffer of Carolina Mountain Mission.

Curt, a native Floridian and his wife, Kelly a Mississippian, met while Curt was serving at First Presbyterian Church Biloxi. Curt joined MNA staff in 2006 as MNA ShortTerm Assistant to help coordinate the massive volumes of PCA volunteers serving at worksites along the Gulf Coast. While serving with MNA they helped plant Lagniappe PCA Mission in Bay St. Louis MS and became their Associate Pastor. After Lagniappe became particularized and recovery operations were winding down Curt and Kelly moved to Orlando to join the staff of a local PCA church, first as assistant then as associate pastor. During his time in Orlando, church became a founding member of the Florida Deacon's Fellowship. Curt now serve full time with MNA as the ShortTerm Specialist, facilitating short term projects throughout the United States and Canada.
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